5 Great Individual Sports to Try

You have to believe this, any sport is a game-changer for both your mental and physical health. They all can make you fitter, healthier, and stronger. But sports can be more fun if there are not any restrictions or rules and regulations around.

Having said this, you can try individual sports as they focus on building mental strength. You can motivate yourself or can challenge your limits every day as there will be no competition. 


The major advantage of individual sport is one can increase their sense of personal mastery within a comfort zone.  If you are confused about which individual sport to try, here are some best options to try out that don’t cost much. 

5 Great Individual Sports to Try


Tennis is perhaps the most popular individual sport for non-professionals because one can easily maximize strength. You can get started with the game at a relatively lower cost, as you will just require a racket, a wall, and a tennis ball. 

Hence, you can practice tennis by hitting the ball on the wall or any background nearest to you. Also, there are a lot of public tennis courts available in cities, where you can readily play individually or with a competitor. 

Tennis helps in improving metabolism, and aerobic activities. But make sure you carry a lot of fluids while playing tennis to avoid dehydration.


A good thing about cycling is you can easily practice it anywhere and at any hour of the day. You won’t be required to stick to some specific schedule, or a trainer to help you with the trainer. 

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, with a little push, cycling will surely give the best physical results. In this sport, you will surely require to invest in equipment, like a cycle itself, a helmet, and gloves for long routes.   

Being a low impact aerobic exercise, you can cycle casually, or as a mode of transport, or for competitive endeavors. Managing weight, improving leg strength,  and boosting mental health gets a lot easier with this sport!

Martial Arts

Many audiences still argue martial arts to be a team sport, but actually, it’s either way. It’s a popular sport from the US for decades and has now come on an international stage.  

The reason why you should play martial arts individually is that it improves reflexes and body flexibility by helping in losing weight.

The sport requires a lot of self-discipline, agility, strength, endurance. And did you know that martial arts help individuals to boost their creativity by giving an endorphin rush?  

To make the most out of the practice session and to be safe grab a pair of gloves or hand wraps.


Many people will probably be surprised by knowing that swimming can also be an individual sport. It is surely a real challenging sport and undeniably the best one. 

Previously swimming was just something you did on vacation, but it became more popular when Michael Phelps won eight gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

If you like exercising and you are a water-person then you should check out this sport. Unlike exercising, swimming doesn’t affect joints or tendons and provides cardiovascular fitness along with a healthy heart. 

You don’t require any prior experience and special equipment for swimming, just your passion and devotion.


Snowboarding is a winter sport where one can ride down on any snow-covered place with a snowboard. Many people are still now aware of this new sport, but surprisingly, it has been recognized officially at the Olympics for 22 years.

As this activity doesn’t require much equipment, like poles, you can enjoy the calm and peace present in nature. Snowboarding gives the best exhilarating experiences when compared with all other sports because of its uniqueness. 

If you are not able to find any snowy place, then you can opt for skateboarding. The sport is easy for beginners, you just require excellent balance, strength, swiftness, and persistence!

5 Great Individual Sports to Try


Whatever type of sport you choose to play, an individual one will always help you improve yourself. In individual sports, you rely 100 percent on yourself and can’t blame anyone else if you don’t hit your targets.  

You don’t need to invest a lot of money to get started in the above five sports but you do not need to have the will to start.   


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