Discover These Disc Golf Putting Games

Have you heard about the disc golf game? It is sometimes called ‘frolf’ or ‘folf’ in some parts of the USA. Disc golf involves players throwing a disc at a target and uses rules similar to those of golf. Disc golf is played on a course with 9 or 18 holes. 

Each hole has a tee position for starting play. It also has a disc golf target which is some distance away usually with obstacles like hills, trees, or water bodies in between. Players start by throwing a disc from the tee. You cannot cross the front of the tee before throwing the disc. The game’s object is to finish the course with the lowest throws. 


Learn more about the different golf putting games below.

Discover These Disc Golf Putting Games
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What is Disc Golf Putting Game?

Disc golf is a flying disc game in which players throw a disc at a target. The game plays on rules similar to those of golf. It is played on a course with 9 or 18 holes. Each hole has a tee position where the player starts to throw the disc. It also has a disc golf target at a distance that usually has obstacles like hills, trees and water bodies in between. 

Players begin at the tee position to throw a disc. You cannot cross the tee before throwing a disc, otherwise it is a fault (similar to that of foot fault in bowling). After throwing the disc, then you pick it from where it landed and throw again until you hit the target. 

The aim is to get through the game course with the lowest number of throws. The disc golf putting game is usually played in a group of five people or fewer. Each player takes turns at the tee box and progresses towards the target as other players watch from the sides. There are various types of disc golf putting games. They include the following.

Single Player Putting Games


This requires an extremely repetitive putting practice that doesn’t even allow you to overlook your strong areas.  Select three putting spots each at a distance of 10 feet from the basket. You have to throw 10 puts from each spot till you finish the three spots. 

When you throw 10 in a row from one spot, move that spot 10 feet backwards. Continue rotating until the three spots have been moved backwards twice (Now at 30 feet) and you have made 10 putts from each of the 3 spots in a row. 

Solo Ladder

This disc putting game focuses on the player’s weak points and forces you to push behind your comfort zone slowly. You start playing five feet away. 

When you sink a putt, the next one is thrown a foot farther away. In case you miss a putt, the next one is thrown at a foot closer. In other words, the more putts you make, the further you throw the next and vice versa.

Around the World

This one requires practicing from all angles and needs consistency. Set somewhere throwing spots ranging between 8 and 15 around the basket. The higher the number of spots, the more challenging the game. Start at the first spot, if you make the putt, move to the next spot. 

If you miss a putt, you are given a second chance. If you miss it too, then you start all over from the first spot. The game is completed when you have navigated through all the spots.

Multi Player Putting Games


Here, you take turns calling your putt and trying to make the putt. When a player makes a putt, all the following players must make the same putt too. If they miss, they receive a letter. When a player gets all the ‘horse’ letters, he is out of the game.

Discover These Disc Golf Putting Games
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The Range

This is the favorite game of most golf disc putting players. It challenges the players’ abilities to analyze risk versus reward of your putt and develop a plan.  Set about 4 putting spots around and near the basket at various angles and distances. 

For each spot, assign a point value typically from1to 4 points. As players, you have to alternate turns while putting. Choose any spot under this risk/reward system and putt from there.  The first player to get 20 points becomes the winner.

Multiplayer Ladder

This plays by the same rules as solo ladder putting game. The difference with this one is the 5 feet increments and starting to play 5 feet away. Players take turns to throw between 10 and 15 discs according to the level of challenge you want. The player that ends the game furthest away is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Golf disc putting game plays to rules similar to those of golf. It is a disc flying game in which players throws discs at a target. Depending on the game you are playing, the main goal is to hit the target with the least number of throws. 


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