The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+

As we get older, our physical strength starts to deteriorate slowly, affecting our daily life routine and activities. However, being fit and active can help improve strength, coordination, and balance and allow you to stay independent. Playing sports is one of the best ways to stay active and promote good mobility. 

Individuals who just reached the age of 60 can still play several sports, requiring less strenuous movements. It’s crucial to avoid extreme sports to prevent injuries since the bones are starting to age too. Here are the top ten most efficient sports for seniors, requiring light body movements. In this article, you will learn about the following sports suitable for individuals who are 60+:

  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Table Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Badminton
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Walking Football
  • Croquet 
  • Shuffleboard
The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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There’s a reason seniors love playing golf, and it’s not just because of the low-impact movements. It presents opportunities to socialize with another player, build unexpected friendships, and wander around the course. Being out in the sun is also an excellent benefit for your health. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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More importantly, golf is never dull because it’s generally hard, with many different game types to play. Think about it; there’s no round of golf that’s ever the same—players hit differently, and courses present challenges for each player. Everyone can get creative with their golf shots to win in the match. 

Golf is also a fun way to meet new friends, especially when visiting a new club. Some seniors even have a warm cup, an excellent opportunity to have something to do regularly and to improve skills in the course. 


Another fun sport for seniors is bowling, a balance and coordination activity for a good workout. It fosters a good relationship with other people and positively affects a person’s mental health. It’s not too intense, requiring only standard movements for a friendly match or competition. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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Bowling balls come in different weights, and players can choose lighter balls to roll down the alley. This means older people don’t need to exert effort to carry a heavier bowling ball and opt for lighter ones that can be easily rolled. It’s the kind of sport that’s great for physical stamina and endurance

Just like golf, there are also organizations and small cups for seniors to play bowling. It could be in a mall, plaza, or any other bowling location. This is a great way to have fun, socialize, and stay active. 

Table Tennis

Normal tennis is a bit too much for seniors, so we have to stick to a lighter counterpart, table tennis. This sport uses small paddles to hit the ball to the other side of the net. It still requires movements to catch the ball and hit it to the other side, but it’s not that extreme because the paddle is small and light. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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This sport is perfect for older people who want to improve their balance, coordination, and stamina. The thing about table tennis or ping pong is, it’s competitive and makes one sweat with repeated movements. It’s great for eye coordination, as the movements are faster than normal tennis. 

Those with joint problems can adapt to the game, with no intense running and jumping. The best part is feeling the heart race after playing for a couple of minutes. There’s a chance to rest and take a break, especially if seniors play against each other. Overall, ping pong is an enjoyable sport for people of all ages. 


Swimming is a low-impact sport that can promote good joint and muscle health. It’s a full cardio workout and improves the respiratory system. What’s more, this sport is relaxing, allowing seniors to move yet feel calm underwater. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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With full-body movements, older people can stretch those muscles and strengthen the heart and lungs. It’s the kind of sport that’s applicable for beginners, challenging a good activity to remove body pressure. Seniors who are overweight can try swimming to burn calories more easily. 

People with Arthritis can benefit from swimming rather than running because of less strain on the joints in the water. Water is around 800 times denser than air, so the body works harder while in the pool, but one can’t feel the fatigue right away. 


Playing badminton is a wonderful way to sweat, move, and stay active at the age of 60 and above. Like tennis, it requires players to move around, hit the shuttlecock with the racket, and swing the arms. The only difference is, the racket and shuttlecock are lighter, requiring no strenuous movements. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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In addition to the easy body movements, badminton also improves a person’s balance and coordination skills. It’s competitive yet fun and can be played by four players or what is called the doubles in tennis. 

What’s more, this elderly sport can be played in any casual outdoor area as long as the backyard’s quite spacious, badminton can be enjoyed. It’s also perfect at the beach but presents more challenging movements because of the sand. 


Although this one’s a bit strenuous, cycling is a wonderful sport to play even at the age of 60 and above. It powers up the cardiovascular system depending on the intensity of the cycling. Over time, this sport can build great stamina and endurance. Bike rides are perfect for daily routine going around the block or neighborhood. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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Cycling also builds muscle strength, at the same time, improve lungs and heart. According to experts, this activity is a great way to keep the body in good shape while reducing the risk of chronic illnesses in older people.

Riding a bike is also easy on the joints and knees compared to jogging or jumping. Cycling puts less pressure on these joints; that’s why it’s perfect for those with a weaker lower body. Going for a bike ride is also great for mental health because one is relaxed and free of thoughts. 


This one’s a bit hard for seniors who have arthritis and bone-related illnesses. However, nobody can’t deny how amazing running is for the body’s overall wellbeing. It’s a cardiovascular workout that pumps the heart and strengthens the lungs. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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Seniors can always slow down when running, especially if the lower body’s already overused. However, over time, the endurance and mobility can improve with daily running. What’s more, seniors can be in great shape from running for a couple of miles in a week. 

Unlike other sports, running requires no equipment—just a good training outfit and comfortable shoes. It can be done anywhere, and seniors have the freedom to slow down, run faster, or take a break. Overall, running is a fun sport that aims to power up the mind and body. 

Walking Football

For those who are into football but hate the extreme movements, walking football is a great choice. This is more appealing to the older generation for the less strenuous movements because of the ‘no running’ rule required. This is a beautiful twist to the famous sport, perfect for older enthusiasts. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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Joining walking football is similar to regular football, just no running, and players are more careful not to hurt another person. Regardless, it’s still competitive, and it makes players move and sweat, literally a sort of body workout. 

What’s nice is, there’s no fear of overdoing the sport and elders can bond with their friends outdoors. Despite the limitations of running, players can be creative with foot movements and create a great strategy with their team members. 


Similar to golf, croquet is a good leisure activity for seniors. It can be played in the backyard or any other spacious outdoor area. What’s more, it fosters problem-solving skills to warm up the brain. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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Croquet is lighter than golf because of the use of a wooden mallet, unlike golf clubs. The key here is to hit the balls through the hoops, which are embedded into the grass. It’s fun, challenging, and at the same time, promotes physical movements.

This is a kind of sport for seniors that don’t rely heavily on equipment or other accessories. Anyone can enjoy this sport, especially those who play with friends or family. 


Shuffleboard may not be as popular as other sports, but it’s really fun and stimulates the mind. It’s the kind of sport that can be enjoyed in the outdoors or indoors. This is basically knocking other player’s weights off the board. 

The Most Efficient Sports for Those Who Are 60+
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Through the years, this sport has evolved and enjoyed by people of all ages. It involves using cues to push weighted discs, gliding off in a narrow court. This can add a score to the player. 

Elders can fancy this sport because it requires strategy in pushing the discs, making it less strenuous in the body. Plus, it’s fun with a lot of players. 


There are tons of elderly sports that require no extreme movements to prevent injuries. Even with old age, it’s important to move and be active to keep the body healthy, strong and prevent illnesses. 


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