Shooting Drills In Basketball To Get You A Leg Up

You may think they were born with it, but players practice hundreds of shooting drills in basketball before they get it right. Sure some players may have some natural talent, but to be truly great in any sport, you need to practice, practice, practice. Shooting drills in basketball help players program the mind and body to move and shoot in the right way at the right time.

To become great at basketball, regardless of your position on the court, you need to be versatile. Shooting drills give players a chance to practice techniques that they might not use on the court all the time. Some drills are better for certain player positions on the court while other drills are great for everyone.


Although you can definitely practice on your own, the drills we’re going to tell you about are ones done with at least a small group. It’s great to practice this way because it simulates what it’s like out on the actual court. So we’ve got our sports editors in on the action and they’ve helped us choose the perfect shooting drills in basketball for you below. 

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The Left To The Right Drill

This shooting drill aims to help you improve your set and jump shooting technique. You will need one other player to practice on this. The first player, which could be you should stand under the basket and have possession of the ball, then your friend should start somewhere near the left corner of the key and run in the opposite direction. He should then receive a pass from you.

The second player must get into a shooting position and try to release a shot. This is the drill. You can keep changing between you and your teammate until you master it. Roles should be switched all the time. Now, to progress on the drill, try moving further and further away from the basket, and also introduce a fake ball, a dribble and a release shot.

Under Pressure Drill

This drill aims to improve your shot and jump technique while under pressure. During a match, there is usually plenty of pressure to shoot, and you must learn how to do your best and not freeze under pressure. You need one other player for this drill. Start near the corner of the court and then player two should receive the ball from you and must be ready to shoot at all times. After you make the first pass, then run towards him and hold your hands up in the air to block his shot.

The second player should then be ready when the ball falls to the flow to collect it and rebound. You should then move into his position and then let him repeat the process so you can also practice this pressure shooting drill. To progress, let each of you shoot the ball from a new position and keep moving further and further away from the basket.

The Machine Gun Shoot Out

This shooting drill aims to set up a shot and jump technique at high speed, which is what gives it its name – the machine gun. To start the drill, you shall need two additional players, where you shall start by standing under the basket, and the second player shall be at the foul line. The third player should stand between the sideline and they key, and the second player and you should start the ball.

The work of player one – who is you, is to collect all the rebounds and passing the ball onto player two. The second player should then pass the ball on to player three. Player three is then required to shoot either using one hand or use a jump shot. This player should have only one minute of scoring as many baskets as they possibly can. You should all rotate your positions and repeat the drill.

Hook Shot Drill

The main aim of this drill is to improve the hook shot technique. You should use your right hand to score the first shot while facing the right sideline and standing under the basket. Hold on to the ball in the hook shot position and use your right hand to pivot around to the left side near the basket and then shoot the hook shot.

After shooting, catch the ball using both hands on the rebound and then face the left sideline under the basket again. Place the ball in your left hand and then pivot to the right and shoot another hook with the left hand this time around. Continue this drill by alternating between both hands. Increase the speed and add a dribble.

The Lay Up Rotation Drill

The main aim of this drill is to improve your lay-up technique, receiving and passing. You shall need two more players to complete this drill. As the first player, you should start on the sideline and have the ball, the second player should stand just outside of the key on your side and the third player should be behind the second player just outside the key.

Pass the ball to player two and then player two should face player three who in this case is the static defender. Player two should pass a fake ball to the top of the key, but then dribble the ball past player three and attempt to layup. You should all then rotate your positions and then repeat the drill once more until you master it.

The Best Shooting Drills In Basketball
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Shooting Drills In Basketball Conclusion

Practice makes perfect, and the more you practice your drills, the better you will be at them. And the better you are off the court translates into you being better on the court. There is definitely more pressure when you’re on the court, but you’ve got fans there giving you that extra energy to be great. If the greats with more than a decade of experience under their belt still practice with basketball drills, so should you.


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