The Best Stationary Bike Workouts for Calves

If you want tone calves that can balance a penny, then you need to check out the best stationary bike workouts for calves. The chiseled legs that you see cyclists sporting, didn’t happen by accident. Getting defined muscles, legs, abs or anywhere else, requires intense work.

Cycling has a big impact on your leg musculature and a regular biking routine whether stationary, mountain, or good old regular cycling will be effective. Your calf muscles are located at the back and upper part of your lower leg, and they are necessary for downward thrusts when you are pedaling. You may be surprised to learn that biking doesn’t really increase the size of the muscles on your legs because of the time spent. It is actually more about the skill and the way you cycle.


The resistance from your weight and gravity combined with difficult gear settings can help you build the upper and lower muscles as you ride your bike. The muscles that do the most work are the quads. But we’ve looked into exactly how you can get those shapely calves. We’ve got some stellar pointers below that are going to give you some beautiful pins. 

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Use The Incline Settings

When you use this setting on the bike, you are essentially forcing yourself to use more of your leg muscles to deal with the force of gravity. This is the same as the incline setting on a treadmill and it forces you to push your legs harder.

Now, riding uphill requires you to keep pushing the bike weight and your body weight using your hamstrings and quadriceps. You shall also find yourself using your gluteus maximus while riding in a sitting position.

Stand Up And Pedal

Standing up while pedaling will help you add weight to the down-stroke. Standing up creates resistance on the upstroke and uses a different set of muscles than what you would use while seated.

Cycling is also predominant to calves, glutes, and quadriceps. While on the upstroke, you are using your hip flexor muscles and your hamstrings. This raises your heels and standing shall will then require you to use more calf muscles.

Slow It Down While Pedalling

Pedal slower to use more muscle. Slow speed makes you do more work as it creates less resistance from the mechanical apparatus of the bike. This can, however, best be done on a slight incline or an even grade than on a steep hill which can lead to exhaustion and fatigue faster.

Shift To Higher Speeds

When you shift to a higher speed you are providing resistance on a level surface or a slight downhill. The more resistance you give, the more your muscles face the pedals and gravity working on your body makes them work more. This will stress the muscle tissues and lead to muscle growth.

Do Sprints For Your Muscles

Sprinting on the bike builds up your leg muscles. The gear should be very high, so it can maintain the sprint for at least thirty seconds of inadequate resistance. Spinning the pedals at low gear doesn’t build any resistance and shall not build your leg muscles. Sprints should also be done straight-away and as part of high-intensity intervals while training on the bike. These sprints can also be done while standing or sitting and combine them well so as to develop strong leg muscles.

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What Are The Safety Concerns About Stationary Bike Workouts?

Stationary bikes are really much safer than riding a bike on the road, but they still have their own safety concerns. It is possible to develop muscle fatigue or experience an injury due to repetitive motion, and you could also fall off the bike and hurt yourself by not balancing correctly.

In order to be safe, you should always ensure that you position your body in the right way on the bike. If you are not sure about the right position, as a professional trainer to help you with this. You should also take a break often so as to let your body recover and not develop any pain in your muscles.

Just because you are stationary, you shouldn’t overexert yourself, especially when cycling in a group. Never feel compelled to keep up with everyone. This is dangerous and if you are new, it can cause real damage.

Best Stationary Bike Workouts For Your Calves Conclusion

The beauty of cycling indoors means that you can stick to your fitness goals regardless of the weather. Rain or sunshine, you’ll still get your exercise in. In addition to this, cycling is great for your cardiovascular health and muscle strength.

Although some people think cycling outdoors is more effective for losing weight, they’ve clearly never tried a spin class. As long as you know what your fitness and diet goals are you can meet them. And you can meet them with the humble old stationary bike, which is now the cool kid at the gym again. 


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