5 Ways To Train Like A Real Boxer

Training like a real boxer is all about how intense and how hard you go at it. You should try to mimic what you see in the ring to get the body and the skill they have. Now, aside from the technique, you must also be very fast and have varied movements that can catch your opponent by surprise.

The workouts for boxing are usually long and can last more than an hour. You must fit in the warmup, the drills, and the conditioning. When preparing for a match, a real boxer can spend full days working on technique, form, and strength. But also remember that rests in between workouts are also very important in helping your muscles to recover.


So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to train like a real boxer, we have outlined for you some of the drills and exercise you need to know about. These techniques have helped regular boxers like you take their body, skill, and speed to a whole new level. If you dedicate yourself to your boxing regimen, you are guaranteed to see results. 

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This is intense bursts of cardio. It is good to replicate the explosive combinations of a boxing match. This shall help boost your HGH- Human Growth Hormone levels and help you burn fat in your body and maintain your muscles. Sprints are also great at improving your conditioning. They are easy for your body to handle since they have a lessened impact on your knees while sprinting at full speed. Depending on your conditioning, do a sprint at least three times each week as part of your foot speed drills and plyometric. Start off at once a week, and the keep increasing as time goes by.

Shoulder Presses And Press-Ups

One thing you should know about boxing is that it is all about your shoulders and having enough stamina to jab your opponent even after you have gone a couple of rounds. This shoulder press exercise is perfect for building on your muscles and helps to guarantee endurance. The weights used are ideal for exercising and other things such as food cans and sandbags can also be used as alternatives. Repeat these exercises as required to build up your strength. Also, you can mist up with a wide range of other upper body exercises such as press up for ensuring you can fire up punches as needed.

Press-ups are simple exercises that almost everyone can do. They should ideally be done in several continuous cycles and reps so they can help you build your strength and stamina. The explosive nature of the quick-fire clap press-ups helps in building your pectorals and deltoids. This, in turn, enhances an excellent upper body strength that is great during boxing matches. Press-ups are also great at giving you balance, which is necessary for a professional athlete.


These are arguably the toughest exercises in the world and also the most effective. They are core exercises for boxers, and should never be underestimated. From a purely aesthetic point, if you want to have well-chiseled abs, then planks are the best exercises for you. They are also an excellent starting point when you are building up your strength and should be combined with sit-ups and crunches for excellent results.

Because boxes constantly receive blows to their midsections, boxers must learn how to endure this when in the ring, and planks are a great way of building their core muscles that can take the impact of these continuous blows.


You must have seen those professional boxers always skipping. This is an excellent exercise regime for them, so they can learn how to dodge their opponents. It is an essential part of boxing that also makes them light and nimble on their feet, so they can quickstep their opponent. It is a staple exercise routine for all fighters.

Skipping helps them to develop agility and speed and ensures that they maintain an overall fitness style. Reebok and other popular sports brands have some of the best skipping equipment that is used by professional boxers and you can find it online at very reasonable prices.


If you are just starting, these exercises are likely to be difficult at first, but with time, you can do them as easily as the others. The best way to achieve your push up goals is to have realistic goals in the best way to achieve excellence. The beauty of this exercise is that it pushes on almost all of your muscles and flexes them because it is extremely rigorous. It remains to be one of the most popular exercises for boxers.

No equipment is required to do it and it maintains your overall fitness goals. It is also imperative that you ensure you are completely correct as you do it to ensure maximum impact for your body. Boxers greatly benefit from doing push-ups as it makes them shoulders, chest, arms and core strength. These are key areas when they are fighting in the ring.

5 Ways To Train Like A Real Boxer
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5 Ways To Train Like A Real Boxer Conclusion

If you want to train like a real boxer, then the above five exercises can help you. Be careful if you’re a newbie at boxing, take your time and go slow. As long as you commit yourself to put in the time and effort, you will get to where you want to go in the boxing circuit. It is also a good idea to seek out a boxing club and check out what the people that have been boxing for a long time have been doing.


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